Useful Links

Useful Links


Fun Games for 3-7s

Where in Britain!

Can you guess where?

Caterpillar Count

Collect the numbers up to 15 in order and make the caterpillar grow into a butterfly

Miss turners magical pet swap shop

  • Create your own cute and silly animals


Lots of fun with your favourite BBC characters

Monster Memory Game

Watch which character flashes and then copy the pattern

Jigsaw: Shaun the Sheep

Can you piece together Shaun and his friends in this farmyard jigsaw?

Catch & Save

It's time to fish!

Pattern Shapes

Try making patterns, tessellations or pictures with shapes

Fun with Spot

Excellent interactive educational activities and colouring sheets with Spot, the dog

Fun Games for 7-11s

Alan's Pizza

 Put your pizza-making skills to the test

The Data Bank Research Company

Collect data and help the Snack Factory see which flavours are the most popular

Dogs In Space

Guide these cosmic canines home!

Fraction Fling!

Answer road safety questions to move up ladders and save yourself from the snakes

Grilled Cheese Please

Type the names of the items to win the race

Dragon University 

Enroll and become a naturally speaking dragon

Cat in the Kitchen

Help Murdock the cat cook up some tasty food.

Communicating Ideas

Learn how to design effective posters, newspapers and comics

Grand Prix Multiplication

Race against each other while practicing your multiplication facts!

Games for all ages

I Spy

Find the object using the clue given


Toy Shop Money

Work out which coins will buy toy shop items and calculate change


Give your brain a workout!

Light and Shadows

Find out how a shadow changes when the properties of a light source are changed

Symmetry Sorting

Sort the pictures, shapes and letters into symmetrical and not symmetrical sets


School Brain-Teaser

Find the pairs and get good marks!



Ice Cream Talk

Practice learning nouns and verbs in a yummy way by helping the monkey collect ice cream

Crazy Animals

Here are some mixed-up animals, can you follow the clues to make these creatures?

Balls and Boxes

Put the balls back into their original boxes



Spelling Match

Match the words with the meanings

Create and build a car

By clicking and dragging kids assemble a cool kid-mobile!

Dance Mat Typing

Practise your typing skills with this great website

Word Scramble

Rearrange the letters to form a valid word

Parts of Speech - Asteroids

Play by stopping the asteroids from crashing into the planet using word types

Story Starters

Create your own story

Koala Paddle Boards

Race one another by correctly spelling the given computer-voiced words

Poop Deck Pirates

Choose your spelling pattern, read the words, keep the good ones

Word Shake

How many words can you make in 3 minutes? Use the 16 letters in the grid



The Mummy Maker

Prepare the body of Ramose, officer to the king, for burial

Iron Age Life

Acquire the skills to keep warm, fed and clothed

Ancient Acropolis Temple

Make a series of construction decisions and see the final Greek temple


Civiballs is a challenging physics puzzle for kids of all ages! Trial and error will lead to solutions!

Battle of Hastings

Play the game to re-enact the Battle of Hastings (14 October, 1066)

Birmingham Museum for Kids

Explore history through fun games and activities

The Greek House

Play the House Challenge to see if you can set the scene correctly

Whose House?

See if you can match up eight famous historic characters with their rooms

A Step Back In Time

Take a tour through the past


Learn your tables

Practice your times table skills

Bow and Angle

In this epic adventure practice measuring and reading angles 

Math Pacman

Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication in this math version of Pacman


Match the decimal to the percentage to win

Math Ninja

Slice the correct answers with your finger/mouse!

Number Search

Find the combinations of numbers that add up to the requested total

Pecking Order

Players get to make music with the famous Bird Band by arranging Fractions 

Number Ninja

Act quickly and use your finger or mouse to slice numbers


Tap the falling blocks to answer the equation listed at the top of the screen


Make A Robot

Click and drag different parts from the parts bin to the construction area to create a robot. 

Stuck on Tracks

Digger and the Gang keep getting stuck - Can you help?

I Want to be a Scientist

Fun with science

Desert Island Materials

A fun activity to help you learn about properties of materials


Connect all the electrons in a single line!

Hydro Logic 

Hydro Logic is a splashy puzzle game that teaches the Water Cycle

Fun with Friction

Help knock the tower down using friction  and surfaces

Cell Games

Learn about the different parts of a bacterial cell

Plants and Animals

Can you find every living creature in the picture?